Artūras Dudėnas IKSURFMAG is the world’s number one žurnale

A.Dudėnas IKSURFMAG is the world’s number one žurnale :
1. Artūro Dudėno video kadrai blogo nusileidimo darant jėgos aitvarų triuką 2015-07-26 Palangoje

2. Artūro Dudėno video klipas IKSURFMAG is the world’s number one kitesurfing and kiteboarding žurnale

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That day I was kiting alone without support team. It was difficult to ride on Rekyva lake because in two lake spots ice was 5-10 meters melted from shore.Wind was so strong, that I realized that ride from shore there is no possibility with no help from other people, at least one, because there wasn’t where to put Naish Torch kite. That day I was calling to local best kiteriders and I suggested to join, but no one wanted kitesurfing. (By Baltic sea that day was rampaging 33m/s wind, on Rekyva lake wind was 9-21m/s). I drove to another Rekyva spot where I found little lee and not fully melted ice from shore. I climbed on ice and checked ice thickness it was about 18 centimeter, only on ice surface still was water with snow about 10-15 centimeter. I took GoPro camera with stanchion, but when I rode away from lee I realized that it was no possibility to go back to the same place. Although from my 50 years I have 10 years kitesurfing experience but first 5 minutes I was light shocked and I was decided that after kitesurfing I have to walk back 1-2 kilometers on foot through forest shore. Near shore wind was little bit weaker so I get used to and started big feel disport. Whereas I was kitesurfing alone after 1,5 hour I understood that I need to finish, because such conditions do not forgive mistakes and there was no help around. It was very good mood, because such conditions come only once in 5 years.